Dogs Unleashed 2

Luther and Bailey

Luther and Bailey

The gang had a great time today at Dogs Unleashed.

Most of the people we spoke to had never heard of the Cesky Terrier, and it was nice that they were so complimentary about our dogs. Luther made a new friend – a Black Labrador called Bailey. Bailey is a couple of weeks younger than Luther – but already a lot bigger!

Once again it was very hot, but in the shade under the gazebo we had set up, and with a cool breeze blowing through it was very pleasant – although the moment you stepped out of the shade and into the sunshine it was almost unbearable.

However, we were well prepared for the heat. I had filled some small bottles with water and frozen them over night. During the day we filled up the bowls with tap water then added some of the slowly defrosting iced water to make it really cool.

Amongst the people who were there were our friends Rose, Owen and Lilly. Lilly was reporting for the Press Pack, but it was so hot that she didn’t wear her special jacket. However, Lilly did bring Palma her  new jacket – she is now a fully qualified member of the Press Pack!

Press Pack Reporter Palma

Press Pack Reporter Palma


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