Emily Day Break

Emily Day Break

Back in 2007 Gloria Kvitko left her home in the Czech Republic and came to live with the Ridley gang. She was mated to an English dog, Woodstrode Artus (Stanislav Kvitko x Ridley Jitka of Woodstrode), and then her son Ridley Obrazek went over to Prague – the first UK-bred Cesky Terrier to be exported to the breed’s homeland.

Last year Obrazek sired his first litter – to Xandra Kalifa Bohemica (born in the CR, but mainly from Norwegian and Swedish breeding) owned by Kennel Day Break in Poland.
Emily is now nearly four months old. Last weekend she went to her first dog show, at Głogów, and came home with fourth Best Baby Puppy in Show!
Huge congratulations to Emily, and to her breeder, Mariola Dziemidowicz.

3 Responses to Emily Day Break

  1. Lachlan Fraser says:

    Archie is barking his excitement at the success of his beautiful grand-daughter.Congratulations all round and an extra tot of vodka! How many puppies were in the litter?

  2. stockczech says:

    There were three bitch puppies.
    You can see them all here http://www.czeskiterier.pl/mioty_e.html

  3. Lachlan Fraser says:

    What a gorgeous litter! The puppies look fantastic. We wish them well in their new homes.

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