Time goes quickly when we’re having fun!

August 22, 2011

Medals and Diploma from the WDS

First there was the World Dog Show, held this year in Paris. Not a wonderful experience, as the one thing the French don’t do is pick up after their dogs! Here in the UK we are pretty good, certainly at Dog Shows, at pooper-scooping, but at the Parc des Expositions it seemed perfectly acceptable to leave everything for others to walk in and spread around. Not at all nice, and by the fourth day of the show the smell was all-pervading!


World Veteran Winner '11

However, we had a successful show. I took Tomáš and Gloria, and at the French Championnat Tomáš won Best Junior, whilst the following day at the World Show, Gloria was awarded the World Veteran Winner title, and became Best Veteran, so both had their moment of glory in the Main Ring.
We travelled to the show with Sue Lee of the Tsuselena Pugs and great was the rejoicing when Simon won the CACS at the French Championnat. He won a cup that was nearly as big as he is!

Simon and his Cup

A couple of weeks later we were off on our travels again – this time with Palma and Erik to Denmark. We went to four international shows in Vejen, won BOB and BOS at each show, awarded by judges from Norway, Russia, Denmark and the UK, and Palma also took Group 3 and Group 4.

Ridley Pamatka, Group 3, Vejen, Denmark

As a result, they are now both Danish Champions. Erik has stayed behind in Denmark with Kirsten Toftkjaer – and we hope that there might be the patter of tiny paws in a while!

Apart from a very successful show weekend, the highlight of our stay was an evening spent learning the basics of blood tracking – but more of that another day!
One other thing of great importance has happened – we now have a new member of the Ridley gang! Emily Day Break came home with us from France – she is Gloria’s grand-daughter, born in Poland and her sire is Ridley Obrazek, who lives with Jitka Paulinova in the Czech Republic. Emily is a very pretty girl, and just like Granny, is a bit of a snob, so she was quickly named the Polish Princess!

Emily Day Break

Emily’s first outing was to the Cesky Terrier Club Show. She won her class, and came home with the trophy and rosette for Best Puppy In Show! What a start!

Catching Up

September 1, 2010
From mid-July to the end of August it’s more or less nonstop shows, and we have been travelling around the country, sometimes spending nights in luxury in a motorhome, and sometimes with long drives to and from the various venues – so there hasn’t been too much time to update the blog!
As a committee member of the East of England Championship Dog Show, early July is very busy. I took Gloria with me to the East of England showground, as well as Maisie (Rossau Time Will Tell at Kilbarchan) who is owned by my friend Helen Moffatt. I obviously can’t show my own dogs there, but Sally Brown handled Maisie to win her second championship show BP award.
Later the same day we heard the tragic news that Maisie’s breeder, Diane Lewis, had been killed in an accident at her home. Diane had ten dogs who were locked in the house for some time until she was found, but thanks to Diana Grant, who put in a lot of mileage and hard work, they were all tranported first to her home, and then eight went into the care of Cesky Welfare – whilst Diana kept two with her own Grancek gang.

BPIS, Cesky Terrier Club 2010

Another few days and it was the club show – here I had the pleasure of handling Maisie to another win as she had a very nice double – Best Puppy in Show at both club shows this year!The judge on this occasion was Martin Phillips, famous for his Jaeva Norfolk and Norwich Terriers. It was a rather poignant win, as Diane would have been so proud of Maisie.

Finding new homes for a number of dogs at the same time isn’t an easy task. It’s not just ‘finding homes’ but finding the right homes that is important. These dogs had a pretty traumatic time and will take time to settle in their new homes.


One who has fallen on his paws is Buzz. He is Maisie’s brother, and has gone to live with her and the Kilbarchan crowd, and although he was a bit wary at first he is coming out of his shell now, and is enjoying life again.

There are still a couple of the Rossau dogs who need to find homes.
One that needs a very special person is Lulu. After being shut in the house on the hottest day of the year, with no food or water, Lulu and her friends were released by the police. Unfortunately they forgot to shut the front door, and all the dogs ran outside. Lulu was so scared that it took Diana Grant 5 days of patient searching to get her back, and she still finds it very difficult to have any trust in humans. If you do know anyone who would have the experience to help Lulu please get in touch with Liz Gay malsville@dsl.pipex.com
Tomaš? He’s doing great – is quite a grown up boy now, with a proper haircut and next week he starts going to ringcraft, to learn how to be a show dog. More news of him, and the other happenings at Ridley over the summer in the next few days. For today Lulu and herfriends are important.

Out and About

August 16, 2009
Luther, Gloria and Palma

Luther, Gloria and Palma

The gang have been out and about. Last year we stayed on the caravan site for the Paignton and Bournemouth shows. This year Helen was off at a goat show (and competing successfully with her Kilbarchan’s Anglo-Nubians) so we went to stay with our good friend Margaret, along with Charm and Lucy the Cesky Terriers.

Bournemouth Show is not held at the seaside, but in the New Forest. There were several people asking about owning a Cesky Terrier and the gang were happy to pose for the cameras. This photo was taken by Cherry Thick who is hoping to become a CT owner next year.

This wasn’t a very successful show for us, but we had a very enjoyable time with all our Cesky Terrier friends, and BOB went to one of our favourite boys – Sue Fewings’ Twister Kvitko Komidion (who is Gloria’s half-brother) – still looking wonderful at eleven years old, whilst we were delighted that Gill Harris took BOS with Seska (aka Pendevour Pheelthemusic). Seska is Gill’s first show dog and she has not always been the easiest dog to show. Gill has worked so hard with her and we are very pleased for them both.

Dogs Unleashed

July 3, 2009

The Ridley gang will be away for the weekend as we have a breed stand at Dogs Unleashed at the Newark Showground. There’s lots to see and lots to do – apart from meeting us!

We are looking forward to meeting up with Rose, Owen and Lilly from the Press Pack 

Lilly at Work
Lilly at Work

It will be the first opportunity that we have had to try out Helen’s new caravan, although the girls and Luther had a good look round its facilities last time they were visiting their friends Magic and Sirius, the Pugs.

Ninja Turtles

June 19, 2009
I'll just kill this one!

I'll just kill this one!

Most puppies play with toys. Luther has bigger ideas! His favourite plaything is his bed. He doesn’t just sleep in it. He drags it around the house and out through the back door, then charges around pushing it with his nose and growling fiercely. When the bed is tipped over he gets underneath then roars around with it on his back, playing Ninja Turtles.

Luther has now started going to ringcraft and enjoys it very much. There is plenty of time to play with the other puppies, including Lewis and Rupert the Cavaliers and Seriously Small, the Pug – as well as Magic, another Pug, who is the girls’ best friend. In a couple of weeks the Ridley gang and the two Pugs will be off in the caravan together. Now that will be fun!

Sally Brown with Lastarean dufek ShCM

Sally Brown with Lastarean Dufek ShCM

Although he’s probably going to finish up a little bit darker, Luther is beginning to look very like his grand-dad Dufek. If he’s even half as successful, we will be very pleased. Last year Dufek was Best of Breed at both Crufts and National Terrier and took Group 4 at Darlington. He has twice won the CAC at the Czech Club show and has been the top winning male Cesky Terrier in the UK for the last four years.

Meet the Ridley Cesky Terriers

September 20, 2008
The Girls
The Girls

Meet Gloria, Palma and Olivia, three Cesky Terriers who live in the Lincolnshire Wolds. This photograph was taken whilst we were staying in a caravan during the summer, so they do look a bit scruffy!

Sometimes they get all poshed up and go to dog shows, and though I say it myself, they are rather successful. But being a show dog only takes up a comparatively small part of their busy social diary each year, and the rest of the time they are just ordinary dogs, enjoying the things that all dogs like, such as getting dirty, chasing each other, digging, eating and sleeping.

People sometimes think that show dogs are unhappy creatures that live a very restricted life, but that’s not the case. Most show dogs are first and foremost family pets, doing everything that all other pets do. They just have an extra activity that takes them, and their family around the country, meeting up with other like-minded people and having a good day out. You should see these three when the show bag comes out! I just have to hope that no-one will open the front door, because they will all shoot out and wait by the car, ready to go!