Doing What Comes Naturally

September 12, 2011

Waiting her turn for the Go to Ground

Last weekend, Palma disguised herself as a Dachshund and went out for the day with the UK Dachshund Trials Club.

In the morning we did some tracking, then after a relaxed picnic lunchwe had a go at go-to-ground and chasing a rabbit lure.
Palma really enjoyed the tracking, and proved to be very good at it; the go-to-ground she wasn’t quite so keen on, but she proved to be very enthusuastic about charging up and down with her new Dachshund friends when the lure was set up.
This group meets every month, and although I shall unfortunately have to miss then October meeting, we will be back there in November to have some more fun!

Tired but happy at the end of the day


Erik in Denmark

September 7, 2011

Erik takes 4th place in obedience

When we came home from Denmark, Erik stayed behind with Kirsten. We are still waiting for Beauty to come into season, but in the meantime Erik has been having some fun.

Last weekend he went to an obedience competition, and came fourth overall – pretty good for just a few week’s practice. Next weekend he will be at the Danish Terrier Club’s show – his first time competing in the champion class!

Time goes quickly when we’re having fun!

August 22, 2011

Medals and Diploma from the WDS

First there was the World Dog Show, held this year in Paris. Not a wonderful experience, as the one thing the French don’t do is pick up after their dogs! Here in the UK we are pretty good, certainly at Dog Shows, at pooper-scooping, but at the Parc des Expositions it seemed perfectly acceptable to leave everything for others to walk in and spread around. Not at all nice, and by the fourth day of the show the smell was all-pervading!


World Veteran Winner '11

However, we had a successful show. I took Tomáš and Gloria, and at the French Championnat Tomáš won Best Junior, whilst the following day at the World Show, Gloria was awarded the World Veteran Winner title, and became Best Veteran, so both had their moment of glory in the Main Ring.
We travelled to the show with Sue Lee of the Tsuselena Pugs and great was the rejoicing when Simon won the CACS at the French Championnat. He won a cup that was nearly as big as he is!

Simon and his Cup

A couple of weeks later we were off on our travels again – this time with Palma and Erik to Denmark. We went to four international shows in Vejen, won BOB and BOS at each show, awarded by judges from Norway, Russia, Denmark and the UK, and Palma also took Group 3 and Group 4.

Ridley Pamatka, Group 3, Vejen, Denmark

As a result, they are now both Danish Champions. Erik has stayed behind in Denmark with Kirsten Toftkjaer – and we hope that there might be the patter of tiny paws in a while!

Apart from a very successful show weekend, the highlight of our stay was an evening spent learning the basics of blood tracking – but more of that another day!
One other thing of great importance has happened – we now have a new member of the Ridley gang! Emily Day Break came home with us from France – she is Gloria’s grand-daughter, born in Poland and her sire is Ridley Obrazek, who lives with Jitka Paulinova in the Czech Republic. Emily is a very pretty girl, and just like Granny, is a bit of a snob, so she was quickly named the Polish Princess!

Emily Day Break

Emily’s first outing was to the Cesky Terrier Club Show. She won her class, and came home with the trophy and rosette for Best Puppy In Show! What a start!

Best Friends

September 27, 2010

Ridley Radmila and her best friend, Yasmin

Children who grow up with a dog in the family gain many valuable advantages. Not only do they learn to take responsibility for their pet, they experience unconditional love, gain a confidante with whom they can share their highs and lows, develop a sense of confidence  and even eventually learn to cope with grief at the loss of a friend.

People sometimes ask me if Cesky Terriers are good with children. I usually counter with a question of my own “Are the children good with dogs?” It’s not such a daft question. Children need to learn how to behave around dogs, both in their own home and when out and about. The Kennel Club run an excellent scheme called Safe and Sound which teaches children exactly this.

Cesky Terriers are ideal family dogs. They are calmer and more sensible than many other small dogs, but not too big for a child to walk (under supervision of course); they are very tolerant and children can help to groom them, giving the child a sense of responsibility. Lucky is the child who is brought up alongside a loyal Cesky Terrier.

Wendy and Caesar

January 13, 2010

In this era of the internet you can meet people in cyberspace who then become good internet friends. Occasionally you are then lucky enough to meet them in  the flesh. Wendy Morrell and I first came into contact on Twitter, but then I was lucky enough to meet her and her Assistance Dog, Caesar, at Crufts last year, when Palma was working with the Press Pack Wendy is an inspiration to everyone she meets – and who could fail to fall in love with such a beautiful Golden Retriever as Caesar.

Having an Assistance Dog has changed Wendy’s life completely. She has travelled around the world, carried the Olympic flame, and been a tireless campaigner for Disabled Rights. You can read about Caesar on Wendy’s website

He was trained by Dogs for the Disabled

Sadly Caesar died yesterday. Our love and thoughts are with Wendy today.

A New Friend

December 10, 2009
Evita with her posh collar

Evita in her Posh Collar

The Ridley gang have a new friend!

This is Evita (Rossau Voodoo Doll) who now lives with my friend Helen and the Pugs. Isn’t she a cutie? She is Miss Personality Plus, and I hope to be showing her next year, along with the gang. We could have some fun with this lively little girl.

So far she has met several Cavaliers, Sirius Pug, Miki the Japanese Chin, and a gorgeous Maltese girl called Pippa – as well as Francoise the PBGV, and is already used to Basil, Milo and Duchess, the Mastiffs. She’s also played with a litter of Burmese kittens. Honours are pretty even there. The first time, they spat at her; next day she jumped on top of them.

In addition she’s won the hearts of lots of different people who have all given her cuddles. In return she wags her tail so hard that her whole body wiggles!

The Pugs have their blingy collars, for posh outings. Evita can’t be left out! She has a pink collar, with daisies on it – is this really a tough little terrier?

Good Citizens!

November 5, 2009

Good Citizens All

We started doing Good Citizen Training at our dog club in May, and last night was the culmination of our efforts.

During the summer Palma and Gloria, along with their friends Tommy, Frankie and Magic gained their Bronze Awards at various shows, but this was the first test night we had held.

As the trainer I am immensely proud of the fact that we had a 100% pass rate.

Huge congratulations to Graham and Betty (ETT), Chris and Portia (CKCS) and Cherrill and Bertie (CKCS) who passed their Bronze Award, and Marisa and Lidia (CKCS), Helen and Magic (Pug), Cherrill and Frankie (CKCS) as well as Gloria and Palma, who all gained the Silver Award – and thanks to our Examiner, Sue Holroyd who soothed the nerves and made it a very enjoyable evening for everyone.