I Am a Dog Breeder

October 2, 2011

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Kralovna Kvitko with the Ridley 'P' litter

I am a dog breeder. I spend a lifetime learning pedigrees, going over dogs, talking and learning from those in my breed and those outside it. I raise each litter as if I gave birth to them and spend an equal amount of time finding them loving forever homes. I only put puppies on this planet that I think will be the healthiest (mentally and physically) and nicest examples of their breed. I support each family who choses one of my puppies and let them know they are now a part of our extended family. I am there if one needs to come back and will aggressively pursue the return of one of my dogs if its in the wrong place. I support my breed in rescue and education. I hold them when they arrive and leave this world, not only my own, but my brethren in the fancy. I share my knowledge and socialize my dogs so that they will be the advertisement for my dedication.
I don’t keep track of the money and time I put in to my love of dogs, it would not be true measure of how I feel. I support my friends in the fancy, because it takes a village sometimes and only WE know how things are for us.
The price I charge for my puppies is never profit, but investment in the next generation. I will not be ashamed of who I am, I work hard at being a good dog person and encouraging others to be the same. I am a breeder and I am proud of it.

If we don’t support each other – we are doomed as a fancy.


The Third Accolade

January 27, 2011

 I breed and show dogs as a serious hobby, not as a business, and I am committed to the welfare of this lovely and unique breed known as the Cesky Terrier.

I only breed very occasionally, so it’s not very often that there is a Ridley puppy for sale – but this means that when I do breed I can give all my attention to planning, rearing and socialising the litter.

I work to the highest standards, and consequently am proud to be a member of the Kennel Club’s Accredited Breeder Scheme.

Breeders in the scheme are granted various accolades, dependent upon their experience and achievements within the world of dogs. Two of these are pretty straightforward: membership of a breed club shows a commitment to your breed and having bred five litters shows that you have some experience of whelping and rearing puppies. The third award, known as the ‘Stud Book Accolade’ marks achievement in the show ring.

Having been around for a long, long time I could have claimed this award before, with other breeds – but it always seemed to me that this was cheating a little bit! For Rare Breeds, like the Cesky Terrier it is a bit more difficult than in the more popular breeds. For the latter, the requirement is to have bred at least three dogs that have been entered in the KC stud book, for rare breeds the breeder must have won 3 championship show BOBs with dogs they have bred. For some time now there have been quite a few Ridleys that have had 2 BOBs, but only two – Bystra and Jakub with three. However, as a result of a very successful day at Boston earlier this month (BOB with Pamatka and BP and RBD with Tomaš) meant that I have now earned the accolade for Cesky Terriers as well.

Ridley Tomaš

June 15, 2010

Ridley Tomaš

We have a new addition to the family!

Welcome to Ridley Tomaš who was born yesterday.

I haven’t posted about Palma’s imminent whelping, because I wasn’t really sure that we would ever have any puppies. She was mated to Oneva Eduard Malsville nine weeks ago, but four weeks later was quite poorly, with a very heavy, rather smelly discharge. A scan indicated that there might be several foetuses, but that they were being re-absorbed, whilst two weeks later there was absolutely nothing to be seen on the scan. Still Palma thought she was in whelp, and maybe, just maybe there was a puppy tucked high up under her ribcage?

Indeed there was, and yesterday Tomaš made his way into the world. Mother and son are both doing well, whilst Granny Gloria insists that she has to check that he is being well-cared for by his mum. I suspect this will be one very spoilt little boy!

Going Dutch

February 25, 2010

Oliver and Lambic

I’m just back from a short visit to Holland. I drove over with my good friend Jean Rogers who has been working so hard to raise funds for research into PRA in the Glen of Imaal Terrier. Every year she hosts the Glen PRA FUNday. This research is taking place at Bochum University in Germany, and Glen owners and breeders from all over the world are working together in an effort to eliminate this condition in their breed.

We stayed with Glen owners Rene and Ingeborg Kelleter, and what a good time we had. They made us so welcome – and although we were without our own dogs we had no chance to suffer from withdrawal symptoms, as there were Pinot the Spinone and Moe the Glen of Imaal, as well as Oliver and Lambic the cats for us to make a fuss of.

The cats have this wonderful hanging bed to lounge in. I think I shall have to buy one for my friend Helen’s Burmese cats – I’m sure they would enjoy it just as much!

Christmas is Coming

December 17, 2009

Kyle in his Christmas Collar

All of a sudden the Festive Season is almost upon us.

I’m usually pretty disorganised, but this year seems to be worse than usual. LKA came and went in a bit of a haze – Luther did brilliantly well, and came home with not only another BP, but also Reserve Best Dog as well. I went with a sore throat, and came home with a raging temperature and splitting headache and spent the next two days feeling like death. My apologies to anyone who caught the bug I was obviously incubating at the NEC!

Then Palma came out in sympathy, with her own high temperature and obvious discomfort. A day at the vet’s was pretty inconclusive (but rather expensive) and although the temperature is now back to normal we are still waiting to see if anything further develops for Christmas.

Never mind, others are already in a Festive mood. Here’s Palma’s brother, Kyle, ready for the big day!

Aloha from Hawaii

December 1, 2009

Asta on the BeachGoing to the beach is one of the favorite occupations of the Ridley gang. In our case it’s the bracing beaches of the East Coast and the cold waters of the North Sea.

Ann Blyde’s Veltrusy Astarte is a lot luckier! For her it’s the sunny shores of Hawaii when she has her daily walk. Here she is on the beach. Is that a coconut she’s playing with? Beats a ball any day!

Asta was bred by Penny Piggott, was born in May 1998, and is the dam of Sharon Clark’s Cassencarrie Czech Me Out.

Compulsory Microchipping

September 28, 2009

I’m proud to be listed as a supporter of SOFA, who have been campaigning for compulsory microchipping.

Now it appears that their fabulous efforts have paid off, as the news comes today that both major political parties support this step.

Obviously it isn’t a done deal yet – but the signs are looking good, so huge congratulations to Sue Cole and the girls of Thorpe House School for their wonderful work.