A Day at the Seaside

October 5, 2011


It’s just too far to go every week, but our favourite outing is always to Anderby Creek on the Lincolnshire Coast. It’s a totally unspoilt beach, with smooth sand to race across, dunes to charge up and down, and when the tide is out there are puddles to splash about in as well.

Yesterday was the first time that we have taken Emily. As you can see from the expression on her face, she had a wonderful time!

After a traditional seaside lunch of fish and chips we went on to the National Nature Reserve at Saltfleeby. Of course, the dogs had to stay on their leads in the nature reserve, but there were still things to sniff and as always, everyone came home tired, dirty and looking somewhat bedraggled – but happy and tired!


Show Dogs???

May 5, 2010

Palma on the Beach

People sometimes have the strange idea that show dogs spend all their life pampered and cossetted, and never allowed to run around and get dirty or have fun.

To do well in the show ring, a dog has to be fit and in good physical condition – and they don’t get like that sitting in a cage all day!

Last weekend we went to Bedford & District CS, where Palma took BOB and Group 4, Hynek had BP and then won the Puppy Group, whilst Gloria won Best Veteran in Show. On Friday, we have another show, this time the National Dog Show, which is held at Stafford.

But today we went on one of our favourite trips – down to the coast at Anderby Creek, where everyone had a good time racing about and Hynek found a Starfish which he insisted on carrying around for the rest of the day.

No, it's not a sandy tongue, but Hynek with his Starfish