Happy Birthday Erik

October 19, 2011

Erik waiting to go in the ring at a Terrier Club show

Today is Erik’s 4th birthday and as he is at present staying with Kirsten Toftkjaer in Denmark he has invited some of his new Danish friends to a birthday party.

Sadly, we can’t be with them to enjoy the celebrations, but we send him our best wishes.


Last Sunday he was once again BOB at a show run by the Danish Terrier Club, and was awarded the Club Certificate. He now has two of these, but needs 2 more in order to add the Danish Terrier Club Champion Title to his name.


More News from Erik

September 19, 2011

Ready to go in the ring

Erik is having a busy time in Denmark. After competing in an obedience competition a few weeks ago, this time it was back into the show ring with Kirsten. At the weekend he went to the Danish Terrier Club show, where he took BOB on his first time in the Champion Class, and then won the Club Champion Certificate as well.

We are so proud of our boy!

But as you can see, it’s very tiring winning all these prizes!

Dreaming about a successful show

Growing Up!

November 9, 2010

Erik and TomašTomaš is growing up now and it won’t be long before he’s going to his first show.

At some shows puppies from 4-6 months can be entered ‘not for competition’. This gets them used to the atmosphere and all the other dogs so that they aren’t too overawed when they get to do it for real. The other day Tomaš went with his Mum and Dad, and great aunt Gloria to Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire. They came home with BOB, RBOB and BVIS – a nice result! On the way home we stopped to visit Erik’s co-owner, who took this lovely shot of him with his son.

Ridley Tomaš

June 15, 2010

Ridley Tomaš

We have a new addition to the family!

Welcome to Ridley Tomaš who was born yesterday.

I haven’t posted about Palma’s imminent whelping, because I wasn’t really sure that we would ever have any puppies. She was mated to Oneva Eduard Malsville nine weeks ago, but four weeks later was quite poorly, with a very heavy, rather smelly discharge. A scan indicated that there might be several foetuses, but that they were being re-absorbed, whilst two weeks later there was absolutely nothing to be seen on the scan. Still Palma thought she was in whelp, and maybe, just maybe there was a puppy tucked high up under her ribcage?

Indeed there was, and yesterday Tomaš made his way into the world. Mother and son are both doing well, whilst Granny Gloria insists that she has to check that he is being well-cared for by his mum. I suspect this will be one very spoilt little boy!

Update on the boys

March 28, 2010

Rossau Voodoo

We had a boy’s day out yesterday, as I took Hynek over to play with his good friend Erik, and Erik’s kennel mates, Didi, Dolly and Joss.

As his people are off on holiday for the next three weeks, Erik has come to stay with us so that he can go to the upcoming shows. He knows the Ridley gang very well, having stayed here before – the girls allow him to think that he’s the boss, even though he isn’t really, whilst Hynek is just pleased to have another boy in the house!

Whilst we were there, Harold took this photo of Hynek.

Let It Snow!

December 20, 2009

Evita in the Snow

The snow was a long time coming in this part of the country, but we now have several inches of white stuff all over the garden.

For Luther and Evita this was their first experience, and they raced round and round, finally coming in exhausted and very wet.

The hairdryer has been working overtime!

Despite the snow we found time to go to a show – Lincoln CS – where Luther won yet another BP, and also took Puppy Group 4. His best mate Erik was BOB, and he also had Group 4.

Hollie Graham and Pippa

It was a very successful day for our ringcraft. Marisa went home with half a dozen rosettes and lots of prize money, Cherrill had BOS in a huge Cavalier entry, and Hollie and Pippa were real stars, with G3 and PG1

Gloria’s Pups

May 9, 2009
Gloria Kvitko ShCM

Gloria Kvitko ShCM

We have more puppies!

Ridley litters are a bit like buses – none for ages then two come along together. This time it was Gloria’s turn. For this, her final litter, she was mated to Oneva Eduard Malsville, and this morning she presented us with two lovely puppies – a dog and a bitch.


The 'S' litter

The dog (on the right) is quite a substantial young man, weighing in at a hefty 305 grams, whilst the bitch is a more lady-like 210 grams. However birth weight has little effect on the final size of the puppy. ‘S’ names? I’m wondering about naming them after the two football teams in Prague, with Sparta for the lad and Slavia for the girl.